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Noaio is a homophone of the French word "Noyau" (kernel in English). In physics, the kernel of the atom is a sphere composed of protons and neutrons, with electrons revolving around. All these particles are attracted between them and are in motion to keep their balance and structure. Without the movement of these particles, there is no balance. Well, it's like in with Electric Unicycles: without motion there is no balance!

We are two long time friends who discovered gyroroues in the streets of Montreal when we decided to part with our cars. We were immediately convinced by this great means of transportation that meets all the criteria we need to move around. Guillaume, with his expertise in biomedical and medical imaging equipment repair, quickly mastered the electronic and mechanical functioning of the electric unicycle. Flavien, on his side, started developing the website and contacting suppliers to find out the feasibility of our project. Our project? To promote micro-mobility and change people's travel habits; and of course, to share our expertise to better advise you!

Why choose us?
-Deep and exhaustive knowledge of our products
-Possibility for trials and initiations
-Users and enthusiasts of electric scooters and electric unicycles
-Advice, customer service, we are available 24x7
-Skills in electronics and mechanics to solve all your technical problems
-Free delivery in Quebec
-Spare parts for all our items available in the store

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  • July 20, 2024 07:50 local time

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