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MyEWheel was founded in 2019 in Bulgaria. We set ourselves the goal to become a leading company in the European market for electric unicycles. To this day, we are confident in saying that we have become one of the most recognizable brands in the EUC community.

We are an official KingSong, InMotion, Begode and Veteran distributor, and thanks to that, we can provide a reliable aftersale service. And if that is not enough for you to consider us the right distributor, let us give you two more reasons:

We can offer 2-7 days, totally free delivery, across the European Union countries.
We have the most reasonable prices.
We are devoted EUC riders, and for us, it all started with our passion for electric micro-mobility. Because passions grasp you and insert themselves into your life, we decided since we live it anyway, we might as well do it for a living. But it was not just about the passion. We also embraced the lifestyle. We founded MyEWheel and started expanding it with a team of dedicated people who share our values and ideas. Along with the lifestyle, we developed that new skill of hustle that empowers us to work day and night and to always look for improvement.

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