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The largest electric unicycle specialist in Brazil
since 2017
Eletricz has established itself as an important agent in the Brazilian micro mobility segment, especially when it comes to electric unicycles.

Founded with the purpose of helping to improve people's lives through smarter ways of getting around, we continue to strive daily to expand and engage people towards a more economical, fun and sustainable lifestyle.

Two shops: San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro


Our physical space is located on Rua Dr. Sodré, 63, Vila Nova Conceição, in São Paulo.

Designed entirely in a sustainable way and with reuse containers, we create a friendly atmosphere for the exchange of experiences. Our main concern is to offer visitors a pleasant, personalized, fast and above all human environment. Here everything works in an integrated way, from the showroom of our products to the experimentation of models, training and after-sales service.

A true Pocket Club for our customers and friends to feel embraced.

Show Number
  • Rua Doutor Abreu Sodre 63, São Paulo - São Paulo, 01235, Brazil

  • Avenida Princesa Isabel 245, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro, 22011, Brazil

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